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Kennel 2016


We Breed Teacup & Toy Chihuahuas, Teacup & Toy Yorkies

Diana & Dutchess

Chihuahua pups playing

Yorkie Dam " Molly"




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They are some of our favorite dogs, so it's our way of getting more of what we enjoy
and sharing that from our home to yours. When we opened here in 2000 at Sissy J's Poochies I wanted to have more children but we are unable to, so we decided that we would enjoy that newborn baby experience in caring for our pets/breeders, their pups and your new family member. The best part is like every one always says with new babies, you get to send them home with their new parents when the day is done... So we get the best of both worlds. They have their own room off the master bathroom in our home so we can look in on them and play from time to time. It's really enjoyable to experience all 15-18 weeks with each new mommy. There truly is a bonding that takes place. The hard part is parting with the babies, well till I think of all the little poo poo's I have to clean up! I admit we keep one from time to time they are just so darn cute!


We have decided to venture into the Exotic colored Yorkies with Blue eyes this year 2016.
We will be raising Blue Diamond Biro Yorkies, Blue Diamond Chocolate Yorkies, Blue Diamond Merle Yorkies, Blue Diamond Blue Merle Yorkies, Blue Diamond Chocolate Yorkies, Blue Diamond Mulberry Yorkies, Blue Diamond Blueberry Yorkies, Blue Diamond Ocean Pearl Yorkies, Blue Diamond Gold dust Yorkies, Blue Diamond Extreme White, Biewer Yorkies, Traditional Yorkies, Blond Yorkies, Black Yorkies, Party Yorkies, Platinum Yorkies, Choclolate Party Yorkies, Golden Party Yorkies, as you can see there are many color varieties to choose from. we can do color genetic testing to get a better idea of the color expectancy from each parent however it will still be somewhat of a surprise in each litter of the colors the parents produce because of the color genetics in their lineage. So we hope you will enjoy this journey with us as we move forward in the Exotic Colored Yorkies.

We do all our own
Dew Claw Removal
Tail Docking
De Worming
Heartworm Prevention
Here at home.

The veterinarian will see the pups for their well baby check up at 6-8 weeks old.
At any given time our dogs are experiencing difficulty they are seen by the vet as well.


Teacup Chihuahuas, Teacup Yorkies,

Sissy J's Poochies

Yes we are a reputable breeder!

Unfortunately we do Not buy back puppies or give refunds for any reason, however if for some reason you need us to take your puppy back with no money exchanged to you and help find a new Family for him or her we will do our very best to assist. We want the very best for our babies at all times.




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We breed some of the Best

Teacup Chihuahuas & Teacup Yorkies In Michigan

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Are the best you can ask for here at Sissy J's Poochies

I Love'em




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Retired (spayed/neutered) Adults for sale

Registered Chihuahuas

Registered Yorkshire Terriers

Thank you for choosing Sissy J's Poochies

We are here to serve you ;~)

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